War Without War

For the last 15 years Meinrad Schade has been moving along the borders of conflicts. He is involved with the question as to what is visible beyond the epicenters of war. When does a war start, when is it finished? How far can its repercussions such as shock waves of a distant, but catastrophic earthquake be felt? How can you make out the preliminary waves to know for sure that tension will escalate and will explode in violence and displacement? And finally: What happens away from the actual zones of war?

His pictures do not inform us about the hot phases of a conflict, yet they talk about day-to-day reality which has become strange normality. They try to grasp how conflicts manifest themselves in landscape and architecture, in the souls of people and in their actions. He is occupied with the side shows of war and with all those „non-stories“ which are as much part of the world as are the big events. For his project „War without war“ Meinrad Schade has repeatedly visited various regions of the former Soviet Union, as well as England and France. Since 2013 he has regularly traveled to Israel and Palestine, regions which are virtually predestined for his project. He will continue with his search for conditions which correlate with his project „War without War“. It might become his lifetime project.

Meinrad Schade
Mutschellenstrasse 33
8002 Zürich

P +41 44 271 74 13
C +41 79 343 14 89




Solo exhibition “Krieg ohne Krieg/War without War” at the Kunstraum Kreuzlingen


Solo exhibition “Krieg ohne Krieg/War without War” at the Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur


Book “War without War – Photographs of the former Soviet Union”, Scheidegger & Spiess. Awarded with a silver medal at the Deutscher Fotobuchpreis